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This beautiful classic reed diffuser is made with essential oils (in a special eco-mineral oil base) to enchant and delight. The aroma will rise along the sticks slowly and delicately and fill any room with a truly aromatic fragrance. Don't forget that the big 200ml  bottles means the aroma can last for up to 12 weeks.

Remove all packaging before use. Simply open the lid, remove the plug and place the Indonesian rattan sticks into the neck. Optionally, once the reeds have soaked up the oil turn them over and reinsert into the glass jar with the oil soaked end exposed for a quicker release of fragrance.
With a Reed Diffuser you get no smoke, dripping wax or anxiety of burning candles.

Lavender and Fennel 200ml
Soothing, calming, balancing
Price: £16.00
Lemon and Nutmeg 200ml
Refreshing, cheerful, uplifting
Price: £16.00
Cinnamon and Clove 200ml
Warming, comforting, energising
Price: £10.95
Patchouli 200ml OUT OF STOCK
Stimulating, romantic, soothing
Price: £16.00
Lemon and Ginger 200ml
Refreshing, Elating, Balancing
Price: £16.00
Petitgrain & Rosewood 200ml
Relaxing, soothing, stimulating
Price: £16.00
Sage & Rosemary 200ml
Purifying, Energising, Balancing
Price: £16.00
Ylang Ylang & Mandarin 200ml OUT OF STOCK
Romantic, cheerful, comforting
Price: £16.00
Lemon Verbena 200ml OUT OF STOCK
Refreshing, energising, reviving
Price: £16.00
Geranium and Rose 200ml OUT OF STOCK
Purifying, soothing, comforting
Price: £16.00
Basil and May Chang 200ml
Uplifting, stimulating, purifying
Price: £16.00
Peppermint and Frankincense 200ml
Revitalising, cooling, relaxing
Price: £16.00
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