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Happy Christmas!

Posted on 23 December, 2017 at 12:28 Comments comments (2297)
Coming to the end of yet another year, darting here and there buying presents and food galore - remember there is no point in putting yourself under immense pressure because it's only for one day and it will be over, gone and forgotten in no time.

This is when we also start thinking of New Year Resolutions and before we even start most of us are already confessing that we probably won't do what we set out to do. 

When making a Resolution it's important to think about it first, for example, you want to give up smoking but why? Is it for better health, you want to join a running club, get rid of the old cough, well work on the wording of your Resolution, are you aiming for better health, better level of fitness or more money in your pocket - then that is what you talk about when making the Resolution e.g. I am going to improve my health this year, you will then decide the measures that you need to take (giving up smoking), but focus on what you are going to gain (the health, the money etc) and allow yourself to know that it will happen and feel the excitement and the pleasure that you will get from achievement of your goal.

I would refer you to Ester Hicks and Abraham for help on how to command the Universe and get what you want. Once you get into the 'Vortex' you can't help but get what you want, look it up and see.  Make a cup of tea and sit down and enjoy listening to Ester Hicks channeling Abraham.  

or you may wish to find out how to become a millionaire asap .......

Thank you for all your support this year and I look forward to being of greater service to you all in the coming year