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Time to relax! Time to heal!
Welcome to Healing Arts
An Alternative and Complementary Approach to Health,
New Age shop 
Healing Arts opened in 2005 with one treatment couch, one shelf of stock, a huge supply of Spider plants and Peace Lilies, some lovely therapists and wonderful clients. 
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We offer physical treatments (full body massage, therapeutic massage, Bowen, NST etc) to relieve pain, teach pain management, to improve and maintain your health status and to reduce anxiety and stress levels.
We offer energy work: Angelic/Usui Reiki, to help guide you towards self awareness, contentment and a more fulfilling life. No-one is claiming that it is easy to achieve but it will be worth the effort. 
You are not alone, Angels walk with you every step of the way and so will we. 
Here at Healing Arts we offer a Holistic approach to our work, an approach which recognises that the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical elements of each person comprise the whole person. By working within this approach, the cause of an illness is targeted, rather than just the symptoms.  
The benefits of Holistic therapies vary from person to person but you may feel more in charge of your life and your health, relief of pain, a healing experience. We will show you how to relieve or reduce and manage your health challenge with a range of techniques.
We recognise that one individual therapist may not have all the answers and we will recommend other therapists and therapies where we feel there may be additional benefit to you. 
Availability: Tues - Sat 10.30am til 5.30pm
If you have a question email : rowenacorner@hotmail.co.uk 
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You will find us at 36, Carlisle Road, L/Derry BT48 6JW
Tel: 07717762030
Give us a call to book. 07717762030. 
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