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The Centre for Healing Arts

Explore the art of relaxation and healing


Welcome to the The Centre for Healing Arts .

Since we moved to 1, Pump Street in July 2020 the emphasis of Healing Arts has returned to that of a Healing Centre and although the shop remains, we now focus on the Holistic work that we can offer you. We have a huge range of complementary therapies to suit your needs.

We have an ever increasing number of therapists who have brought their business under the one roof, although the building is called The Centre for Healing Arts there are many businesses here and I will endeavour to introduce you to them all, who they are and what they offer. After that it is up to you who you approach for your holistic experience.

I am here to help with guidance and advice if you wish for it and I can help with Reception duties such as booking an appointment for you with the appropriate person.

We have our online shop which I have yet to work out how to set up properly so if you don't see something that you need please contact me and I will see what I can do.